redefining plastering technologies & solutions


Stalwart Metals bring you widely used plastering accessories for guided finished plaster helping to reduce the cracking of plaster and enabling for long life.

Used in COMMERCIAL as well as RESIDENTIAL construction project


Stalwart Metals envisions to leverage the plastering technology for guided, finished and durable plaster which eventually increases the life of the plaster as well as the paint on the walls. Products widely used in European Nations and Americas has now been brought in Indian market. We have experience in using the plastering accessories and the benefits of the same in short term as well as long term are mind-bogling. Increased growth in infrastructural development in India has emerged the market of quality products.

Stalwart Metals bring-in cutting edge plastering accessories technology which is easy to install with numerous benefits to the project owner, mason, supervisor and not the least - the end user.

Let us jointly redefine the quality of finished plaster helping the enduser for a long lasting paint reducing cracks caused due to expansion and contraction.